Elecsys®Androstenedione is an immunoassay for the in vitro quantitative determination of androstenedione in human serum and plasma [1].

What is androstenedione?

Androstenedione is a sex hormone that belongs to the androgens group. In the adult, male androstenedione is formed primarily in the testicles, whereas in adult women it is produced in the adrenals and ovaries [1].

The determination of androstenedione is used as an aid in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of androgens related endocrine function in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory findings [1].

Androstenedione and its main indications for testing

It is used in combination with other markers

  • International guidelines suggest that ASD levels could be considered in the assessment of biochemical hyperandrogenism if total or free T are not elevated. The main use of ASD is the exclusion of non-PCOS causes of hyperandrogenism e.g. adrenal tumours and ACTH-producing tumours [2].
  • Virilising endocrinopathies– when women present unwanted male patterns such as excessive hair, lack of menstruation, baldness among others. This causes infertility [2].
  • Hyperandrogenism is a feature of PCOS present in the most severe PCOS phenotypes. Elevated ASD levels are frequent among women with PCOS and may provide diagnostic value [3].
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is a group of inherited disorders characterised by enzymatic deficiencies leading to impaired cortisol synthesis [4].

Clinical presentations include salt wasting and atypical genitalia in neonates, and hirsutism and irregular menses in adults

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